Nowadays, it has been very important to keep house, office, school, and business place always under watch because no one knows where the trouble will come from. So many times it happens that you are far away from the house and burglar has broken into the house. But you could not be informed of that incident earlier. All you get to know after you have come back from the work or the trip.

Even the schools are facing some security problems. We hear quite a many incidents where a burglar or even a terrorist has broken into the school. But no one gets to know about them entering before. It is only after they have started threatening or killing students or teachers that the school stuff gets to know about the crime. And the cases of theft in any business place are common news. There may be a pile of files in the police station regarding the cases of theft. And cctv cameras as well as home security alarm systems in Melbourne is of utmost use in these cases.

So, everyone should install cctv cameras and home security alarm systems in their houses, offices, business places and schools. You may choose whatever type of camera you want.

There are different kinds of CCTV cameras available in the market. We are providing here some of the types.

1. Bullet- bullet cameras have been designed specifically for the use of indoor functions. This type of camera is usually mounted up to the ceiling or the wall that is why it is called ceiling mounted or wall mounted camera. One can use this for some outdoor occasions as well. The shape of the camera is cylindrical. And the shape is thin and sleek. That is where the camera has earned its name. Many bullet cameras nowadays are being made as water proof. The camera can take pictures from a fixed point. To a particular area the unit is to be pointed at.

2. Discreet camera- this type of camera is very famous in the market because it can play various functions. It works as motion sensor. It can detect smoke. It can be used as a clock. But the truth is this camera plays none of the function. But you can make it look a clock, smoke detector, or a motion detector. People coming to your home will not understand if it is a clock, motion detector or a smoke detector which they are looking at. It can be said a covert camera. Covert camera is a type of camera which one can place anywhere as conventional camera.

Various Types Of CCTV Cameras

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