As a business grows and employs more staff, its IT requirements grow with it, becoming more complex and cost-intensive. Despite this fact, few companies, especially new startups, can afford an in-house IT department full time.

In line with this, a number of computer support companies exist to provide businesses with these services without needing to establish an in-house team.

Computer support companies specialise in solving a number of It issues, whether connectivity, software or hardware-related.
Outsourcing IT services sees businesses move their entire IT function to an external company, including human resources and equipment. This has become an increasingly popular option for small businesses, due to the significant costs involved in acquiring software systems, equipment and technology and people.

Most IT support companies are large businesses in themselves, whose sole purpose it is to provide dedicated support to other companies’ IT departments and can sometimes even provide support through offshore call centres such as in the Phillipines, China or India.

Typically, these services would include the installation of application software, server management and maintenance, firewall management and generic PC and connectivity support.

Outsourcing usually becomes a viable option when cost savings are necessary. However, the benefits don’t end there. A number of other benefits when outsourcing includes:
• Improved client service
• Improving expertise of in-house staff through training and consultation
• Accommodates growing IT needs as the company grows
• Less capital expenditure
• Time saving
• Focusing on the core business

Although the benefits are substantial, there are, as with all business systems, a few disadvantages when it comes to outsourcing. These may include:
• Less control over service issues
• Contracts make it complicated to switch providers if service is unsatisfactory
• Offers less security than an in-house system

Choosing whether to outsource IT services is one of the most important decision for businesses, as these systems often drive most companies and IT problems tend to get out of hand if not solved efficiently and timeously.

The majority of specialised IT companies adhere to best practice and have a good idea of the systems and technologies that work best for every different kind of business, especially since the constant evolution of technology means that systems are becoming more and more complex and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to have IT departments that are able to provide all the services and support needed.

IT professionals work with these systems in-depth, on a daily basis and it is a good decision to place trust in a company that specialises in this to ensure the efficient operation of your own business and to ensure that the internal focus remains on the core business and not on the fact that there are IT issues that need to be resolved. Depending on capacity and needs, outsourcing IT services if often the best way forward for many companies.

Should You Outsource IT Support?

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