Being in a business itself is a very risky business. You can never enjoy your high success and gain to the fullest as you very well know, as it only takes a second to lose everything you have built up. Being fully vigilant and doing all the possible things, you could do to avoid any sort of unexpected events might also not do any good. There might be instances when you get a blow out of nowhere. A fall you didn’t foresaw coming. This is the reason why every business is insured. But what if your business has fallen into a pit so deep that you are not even able to repay your insurance premiums? Being too optimistic here will surely end you up with nothing. Thus, one must also be prepared for such a situation too. This is not just the case of a business enterprise. Even individuals who have taken up personal loans could find themselves in a similar situation. However, there is no reason to worry about this now. There are provisions that will give you a helping hand in such an adverse situation.
Premium financing
Premium financing involves providing an individual or a company, fund to cover up their insurance premium. It’s the premium financing companies which are third party finance entities which provide the facility of premium financing. Sometimes insurance companies and brokerages also provide premium financing facilities, though premium finance platforms.
To obtain premium finance the individual or the company seeking the insurance, sign a legal agreement with the premium finance company. The agreement may be for one year or for the lifetime of the policy. Once this is done the company pays your premium and sends you bills for the same as monthly installments of affordable smaller amounts.
Premium funding
The loan that covers up the insurance premium of a business are sometimes called the insurance premium funding. It helps the clients to protect their business by spreading their annual insurance premium in monthly installments. One useful feature of this scheme is that it does not interfere with any of the currently active finance facilities. There are many third party finance entities or premium financing companies that offer a number of appealing features and facilities to their customers such as,
Multiple repayment options which are both flexible and cost effective.
Multiple insurance policies will be funded at the same time.
Ability to spread the payment out into multiple monthly installments which enables the capital to be used to for other investment plans.
Providing the premium funding even without any security.
Quick and easy application process. Customers will not have to go through long procedures and formalities to get the loan unlike other loans.
Facilities to maintain currently active finance facilities.

How To Deal With The Heavy Annual Insurance Premium?

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